Safe Income USA has developed a methodology that offers ideal investments in ideal markets. Real estate is developed based on the needs of our investors and is focused on the growing rental needs in our various markets.


It is a common practice among investors (especially newer ones) to look in their own city or state for properties to invest in. There is a certain comfort level people feel when they are familiar with the streets and stores and can easily drive by their investment property. But those aren’t the things that necessarily give the returns investors are looking for.

Safe Income USA has identified and continues to find cities and areas in the US where there is great NEED for single-family rental homes. These cities are places where major companies are located or are planning to locate, which results in new jobs that bring employees who need housing. Also, we look for communities near schools and that have easy access to shops and major highways. These are the elements that produce the high and consistent rents that we rely upon.


If you are looking to invest in existing homes in your area, chances are that many of your neighbors are looking at the same places you are. You will be COMPETING against other investors! This not only drives prices up, but also increases your costs, which reduces your cashflow and ROI.

Safe Income USA provides its investors with newly constructed homes in areas where there is great need for new homes. This means that you aren’t competing against other investors and bidding against anyone. Instead, you are selecting from hundreds of homes we are building for you.

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Because Safe Income USA builds our inventory, we can match what we build to your needs. Discuss with us how much you want to invest, how much cashflow you are looking to collect each month, what your annual ROI expectations are, and we can create the model at the price point that makes that happen. We build a number of models and homes and a variety of price points and rental levels.


One of the biggest obstacles for investors are renovation and major repair costs. A new roof, floor, boiler, kitchen, much more, can destroy an investors cashflow and for some, risk their ability to carry the property. When you look at existing homes that may be decades old, these costs are imminent.

Because we are delivering NEWLY CONSTRUCTED homes to you, you are unlikely to face ANY of these expenses for years and years. Your carrying costs will be low for many years to come and your renters will be extremely comfortable with all the new flooring, kitchen and appliances. New Homes Last Longer!


You are not a landlord. You don’t need to be hunting down tenants trying to collect the monthly rents. You don’t want midnight phone calls about clogged toilets. You don’t want to, you don’t need to and you don’t have to. Safe Income USA has long standing relationships with management companies that will completely take care of your renters and your homes. Recruiting of tenants, rent collection, repairs are all taken care of by the management company. You simply receive your monthly cashflow along with monthly reporting of all activity and transactions that took place. You have full access to all information through an internet portal where you can monitor how your investment is operating at any time and even have access to needed documents for tax purposes.

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